Length: 4 miles
Grade: Moderate
Highlights: Bunsal Incline, Cromford & High Peak Railway Tunnel.
Best time of year: Late Summer

Goyt ValleyGoyt ValleyThis walk starts from Goyts Lane at the top of the Bunsal Incline and begins along the easy access path that used to be the route of the High Peak and Cromford Railway. To begin the walk take the path from the road that runs alongside the small reservoir you will see here. This reservoir was created for the stationery steam engines that brought trains up the steep Bunsal Incline.

This first part of the walk simply follows this path, there are a number of benches along the route located at good viewpoints looking across the Goyt Valley. Carry on along this path and eventually you will see the now closed railway tunnel ahead of you, around 50 yards before you reach the tunnel entrance you take a path to the right that follows alongside a small stream, almost heading back in the direction you have come from. This is the end of the easy access path and from this point the terrain can be quite muddy. Late summer is a great time to enjoy this walk especially when the heather flowers turn the moorland purple.

Goyt Valley

Goyt ValleyFollow this path on the right of the small stream and head towards Errwood Reservoir. If you wish to cut short your walk at this point before you bear left towards Errwood you can take a steep uphill path to the right to take you back towards Goyts Lane car park. Follow the path towards Errwood that takes you along the eastern bank of the Reservoir and enjoy the views across both reservoirs. Eventually you will reach the road again towards the bottom of the Bunsal Incline near Bunsal Cob, (there are toilets with limited opening times here).
Cross the road at this point to join a path opposite, the path then turns towards the right and takes you almost parallel to the road uphill back towards the Goyt Lane car park and where you started the walk.


Walk 1: Errwood Reservoir from Goyts Lane